De Kerverij


Project details



Parking spaces:500

Architects:Paul Saanen A.V.B. - Jo Knoups B.I.




Valkenswaard is located in an attractive region with lots of countryside. The welcoming atmosphere is inviting for visitors from a large catchment area that stretches from Eindhoven to the Belgian border. Valkenswaard also has a lively tourist industry that generates some 12% of the city centre’s annual revenues. The city council chose Foruminvest as the project developer with proven experience in retaining and restoring footfall and consumer spending. The first goal was to give the existing shopping area a boost by developing attractive and high-quality commercial areas on both the eastern and western sides of the Eindhovenseweg. The second main goal was to expand the current recreational facilities. This is why the emphasis was on the range of fashion, restaurants and other hospitality outlets on offer. Alongside the existing Dutch chains, small (local) retailers have added new verve and quality. Foruminvest ran this development in close cooperation with the Valkenswaard city council, with Foruminvest primarily responsible for the purchase of land, the development of the buildings and finding the right tenants. The cooperation resulted in a number of very attractive public spaces, which have helped Valkenswaard achieve its goal of a successful town centre.