We add value to environments

We create places where people really want to spend time, now and in the future. Every project and every location is unique. That requires creativity and cooperation. All our projects are managed by driven and expert teams. Teams that actively communicate with local authorities, users, designers, contractors, stakeholders and other experts. This is how we lay a solid foundation for an excellent project.




Foruminvest develops its projects for its own account and risk in close cooperation with both users and partners. We are a stakeholder-centric organisation and we like to brainstorm creatively and proactively with other stakeholders. Our projects are innovative, sustainable and add quality to the local environment. We realise both complex inner city areas with a multitude of functions and tailor-made, single-tenant buildings.


As a long-term investor, we retain a part of our projects in our portfolio. We also invest in third-party assets, with an emphasis on residential complexes with real future value. Thanks to our ongoing commitment, we reinforce and safeguard the positive impact of these projects and we invest in long-term relationships with local authorities, tenants and other users.

Asset management

We have organised our asset management activities in FREM (Forum Real Estate Management). FREM takes care of the asset management of projects Foruminvest develops for third parties, with an emphasis on large-scale retail projects (total assets under management of more than € 1 billion). We have been involved in the ever-changing retail landscape for more than three decades now, and we know better than anyone where the bottlenecks and the opportunities lie. Acting on behalf of our clients, our task and our responsibility is to add the maximum sustainable value over the entire lifecycle of a project. We do this through proactive management and by maintaining intensive contacts with tenants and other stakeholders. Thanks to our dynamic adjustments, projects remain relevant and visitor numbers and the sales of retail tenants remain high. This is how we add value for both users and investors.


In-house architects and concept developers

”The shaping of the question is part of the answer’’

Our concept developers at Forum Concept & Design (FCD) play a key role in every single project. After all, in the concept phase all the premises of a project are still up for discussion and these are laid out in broad lines for the more detailed development plan. Our highly skilled in-house architects know exactly how to visualise this in an initial plan. They then remain involved throughout the development process, acting as a liaison and aesthetic advisor to the external (international) architects and designers. FCD closely monitors the execution of the project and acts as a guardian of its core values.

Our team