Spring feeling

Foruminvest is aware of the consequences climate change has and takes its responsibility as project developer. From the very beginning of the development process, our sustainability ambitions are taken into consideration. Foruminvest distinguishes itself by focusing on the following elements:

  • Energy: Foruminvest aims to realize energy neutral buildings.
  • Sustainable construction: sustainable materials are used and the material cycle is kept as small and closed as possible.
  • Flexibility: future-proof construction, constructive consideration of possible functional changes of buildings due to social developments.
  • Green systems: Foruminvest has a critical opinion on the hardening of the environment because of the reduced infiltration and heat stress. That’s why we like to add as much as possible green to the environment.
  • Vital city: In order to reduce CO2 emissions, it is important to stimulate the use of bicycles and electric (share) cars. For example, the project in Amstelveen has been registered for the City Deal ‘electrical sub-mobility in urban development’.