As a developer and investor Foruminvest endorses the importance of circular construction.
In circular construction, buildings are developed, used and reused without unnecessarily depleting natural resources, polluting the living environment or harming ecosystems.

We assess at an early stage which materials can and cannot be used based on the recycling potential and environmental impact of the production.

It is our goal to be 100% circular by the year 2050. To achieve that, all parties involved in the construction process will have to learn how to achieve this. Working together and challenging each other bring us closer to the goal.

We believe it is important to formulate measurable goals for new projects together. For this we use the Building Circularity Index (BCI). The BCI assesses both the environmental impact and the detachability per material used. This allows us to make the right choices with our designers to achieve the project goals.

All materials used are inventoried and stored by Madaster. This makes every building a source of reusable materials for new buildings.