Project Description

The special feature of Valkenswaard is its “made to live in village feel”. A welcoming local atmosphere meets visitors from a wide catchment area which extends from Eindhoven to the Belgian border. Valkenswaard also enjoys a lively tourist trade which account for 12% of the existing turnover in the centre of Valkenswaard.

However developments in the vicinity of Valkenswaard, such as in Veldhoven and Eindhoven , threatened part of Valkenswaard spending power to flow away to those competing shopping centres  in the region.

The Valkenswaard municipality therefore selected Foruminvest for the expansion and completion of the main shopping area in the city centre. Objective of development was to expand and strengthen the existing shopping area of Valkenswaard by developing attractive and high quality shopping districts on both the west and east side of the existing high street. Expanding the recreational facilities was also an important aim of this project. Emphasis hass there fore been given to the fashion sector as well as restaurants. Alongside the existing well established national companies, small retailers represent the quality and local interest of client service.

The development took place in close cooperation with the Valkenswaard municipality. In this cooperation Foruminvest was primarily responsible for acquiring the necessary properties, the development of the buildings and for the positioning of the right tenants.

In close consultation, the municipality and Foruminvest have taken care of the implementation of the public area, which contributed to the creation of a succesful city centre.