Project Description

Oldenzaal was losing purchasing power to the larger cities in the region and needed to take action. In consultation with the urban authorities, we proposed the creation of a high-class shopping centre embedded in the historical town centre – a logical and self-evident location.

The existing buildings were treated with respect, as the intention was for the entire town to benefit. Shopping centre De Driehoek fits in perfectly, as it links up an older shopping centre with the market, creating a new walking circuit that is all of a sudden expansive and lively.

Underground parking is available, and there is a supermarket on the same level. Above the shopping centre the residential function of the town centre has been retained with the realization of 64 apartments.

The architecture of De Driehoek was inspired by the style of the nineteen twenties. Safety was also clearly a high priority. Shortly after coming into use, the underground car park gained the reputation of being the most consumer-friendly in the Netherlands.

The commercial success of De Driehoek safeguards the long-term competitive position of Oldenzaal in relation to the larger cities in the region. In 2001 the shopping centre was awarded the annual prize of the Netherlandse Raad voor Winkelcentra (Dutch Shopping Centre Council).