Project Description

The small town of Naaldwijk had lost much of its purchasing power to the far larger cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft, which can all be reached within half an hour. Naaldwijk had an insufficient range for its potentially interesting catchment area.

The winning move was to introduce a metropolitan allure. Fifty shops and restaurants have been woven organically into an urban structure with 29.000 inhabitants. The surrounding region also has many thousands of potential consumers with substantial purchasing power.

The allure is provided by  the architecture, the assortment and the ambience. Everything has been created with an eye for detail, using high-quality materials.

The colours and fragrances are also tempting. The main object was to win back the purchasing power that had drained away. Shopping centre De Tuinen now has around four million visitors a year. After the centre opened, the turnover of existing shops in the adjoining streets rose by between 10 and 45 per cent. Naaldwijk had regained its regional appeal.

In 1999 De Tuinen was awarded the annual prize of the Netherlandse Raad voor Winkelcentra (Dutch Shopping Centre Council). In 2000 the centre won the FGH Real Estate Prize  with the comments: “Vision and courage… A perfect exxample of succesful enterprise… Benefits for both the developer and the town.”