Project Description

At the edge of the old fortified city of Mons (capital of the Province of Henegouwen), Foruminvest developed a 37.000 m² shopping center with a large Carrefour hypermarket and a car park comprising 2.800 parking places. The development forms part of the 60-hectare city expansion on a former university site.

The mix of shops complements that of the inner city, once again making Mons the beating heart of the region and enabling the city to strengthen its competitive position in relation to cities such as Brussels and Lille.

In close cooperation with the city of Mons, the Region and Redevco (the Carrefour’s owner), Foruminvest has created a significant investment fund that will invest in the reconstruction and renovation of the old inner city over ten years. Foruminvest contributes to the recovery of the residential function within the city and stimulates young retailers and talented chefs to establish in Mons. Foruminvest has invested in existing façades, streets and parking areas. As a result, Foruminvest has created 1.000 new jobs; 850 in the shopping center and 150 in the inner city.

The city of Mons has 100.000 inhabitants and an additional half a million plus potential consumers within a thirty minute drive. The city has retained the characteristics resulting from hundreds of years of architecture and its street plan has barely changed over the last few centuries.

Foruminvest’s objective was to create an attractive and comfortable shopping center at a walking distance from a charming, historical city.

The highly successful center is currently being expanded with 10,000 m2 of retail space and an IKEA.

ICSC – Second best shopping Centre in Europe in the category ‘Large shopping centres’