Project Description

With a population of 150.000, Enschede is a sizeable regional center. Over many years this university city has expeditiously worked on creating a new city center. Through the development of 40.000 m2 of new retail space, a parking garage for 1.700 cars and a shelter for 1.000 bicycles, the Van Heekplein has since grown into Twente’s urban meeting place.

At the center of this square, Foruminvest has developed a covered shopping center, De Klanderij, with 20.400 m² of retail space and 39 rental apartments, in cooperation with Prowinko Nederland.

Opposite the Klanderij, Foruminvest has developed the Twentec Project, within another 8.900 m² for primarily large-scale shops.

A comfortable and attractive shopping and walking route that forms the heart of the inner city has been created through means of this development project. The project is an excellent example of close cooperation between a municipality, the business community, the university and investment companies.

ICSC- Best shopping centre in Europe in the category “Public-Private Partnerships”
ICSC- merit certificate for innovative design and development of a new project
ICSC- second best shopping centre in Europe in category “medium shopping centres”