Project Description

The SuyderSee shopping center located along the Redeplein square in the center of Dronten stands out due to the varied retail mix and its unique architecture.

Foruminvest contracted the leading architect firms AWG in Antwerp (Bob van Reeth), R.P.H.S. in Voorburg and VHP Architects in Rotterdam to design this shopping center with 23.000 m² of retail space and 164 apartments located above the shops.

The SuyderSee shopping center offers a divergent mix of shops (77) with leading brands and specialty shops in the area of fashion, perfumery, multimedia, gifts, accessories, glasses, shoes, jewellery, sports, telephony and three supermarkets.

In addition, Foruminvest was the initiator of a drastic renovation of the already existing Redepassage, as a result of which this street with 17 different owners is once again ready for the future and fits in perfectly with the new shopping area.

In cooperation with retailers, the entire center (new and existing) now has a new collective branding: the SuyderSee shopping center.

The restaurants in the various small squares in the center provide visitors with plenty of space to take a brief rest while shopping and to enjoy the beautiful weather. The shopping center is surrounded by approximately 1.700 ground-level parking places that provide visitors with plenty of parking space, even on busy days.