Project Description

Foruminvest Amstelveen B.V. acquired the office building ‘Biesbosch 225’, located on the corner of the Rembrandtweg and Beneluxbaan in Amstelveen. The office building will be demolished and replaced by a high-quality and sustainable apartmentbuilding with 276 apartments, of which more than 75% are in the mediumrent segment.

The office building is located in the residential area Elsrijk in Amstelveen and is currently almost vacant. The building is located next to a public transport hub which makes it possible for future residents to go to the Zuidas office district by tram within 7 minutes. The project has been registered for the ‘CityDeal Electric Sub-Mobility in Urban Area Development’, which means that the residents can make use of electric shared cars, which has a positive effect on traffic and pollution.

The new residential building will be 57 meters high, consisting of 18 floors with 276 apartments in the medium-rent segment, an underground parking garage with 194 parking spaces and 10 parking spaces at ground level for electric shared cars. The design has been made by OZ architect in collaboration with Forum Concept & Design, the in-house design department. At ground level, much attention was paid to adapting the design to the existing environment. The entrance of the parking garage is situated in a way that limits the traffic in the neighborhood. This modern building is made with the highest grade of materials, a double-height entrance hall, floor-to-floor windows and spacious balconies for every home regardless its size.

There have been great investments in a healthy and sustainable living environment. In addition to the electric shared cars, a thermal energy storage system is being used in combination with solar panels and high-quality insulation and window frames. All apartments are equipped with a high efficiency heat recovery system. The general areas are all provided with LED lighting.