Project details



Parking spaces:250

Architects:Soeters (PPHP) - Forum Concept & Design




Centrumplan Rosmalen is located in the centre of Rosmalen, next to the town’s main shopping street De Dorpsstraat and the town’s main square, De Driesprong. The plan is a seamless fit with the existing core shopping area. The project has a GLA of around 8,200 m2, consisting of 22 shops and 39 homes, plus around 250 ground-level parking spaces. PPHP (Sjoerd Soeters) was responsible for the architectural design, which was based on a concept developed by Forum Concept & Design, Foruminvest’s in-house design agency. The ‘genius loci’ or the ‘spirit of the place’ played a major role in the architectural design. The size and scale are a perfect fit with the existing situation. For instance, the original farm buildings served as inspiration for the design of the new shops on Dorpstraat. An iconic building (Dorpsstraat 69) and a striking monumental tree were retained in the plan. Dorpstraat 69, with a new grand café and a distinctive conservatory, is the heart of the new centre. Retailers in the Centrumplan include: Jumbo, Lidl, Hema, Kruidvat, Etos, ICI Paris XL, Van Haren, New York Pizza, Brainwash hairdressers, Holland & Barrett, Primera, DFM Bloemen, Bakkerij Van Keulen, La Vittoria Chocolaterie, Brasserie Rosmaelen, Sazoo women’s fashion and Albertus wines. Thanks to its new look and feel and the addition of new shops, Centrumplan will provide a powerful boost for the entire centre of Rosmalen. The Centrumplan Rosmalen won the annual NRW Annual Prize in 2020: “The jury was particularly impressed with the almost organic way that the centre project has shaped the retail heart of Rosmalen. The initial plans for the new centre date back to a time when the retail sector was quite naturally focused on growth. Together with the Den Bosch local council, the developer made the switch from ‘expansion with a fashionable shopping function’ to a new ‘village heart with a focus on convenience’. In this way, the new centre plan became a significant element in the wider transformation process in Rosmalen, with a clear focus on local residents. According to the jury, the way this project has been carried out has been extremely successful and quite rightly serves as an example for numerous centres and cities in the Netherlands making the transition.”